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05 December
by Brandy S. 5. December 2012 10:25
Hello again Readers! Most people know of breakfast as the most important meal of the day. It is what gives you energy to start the day! What do you usually eat for breakfast? Cereal, eggs, toast, donuts? What about just coffee? Yes, there are some of you out there who just have coffee and I won’t judge if you do because I’ve been in that situation. I won’t have time to eat and it is the only thing I can have on the go. So I can also testify that the benefits of this breakfast are not satisfying. I often feel hungry less than an hour later, get headaches and... [More]
03 September
by Michelle A. 3. September 2012 08:00
One of the hottest food trends over the last few years has been smoothies. While smoothies may be a cool, quick meal or snack, are they really nutritious? Here is the rundown on what to watch for in the restaurant smoothies and how to learn the do-it-yourself version at home. [More]
30 January
by Heather Wilson 30. January 2012 16:51
From fourth meal to first meal, Taco Bell now offers breakfast items.  And Washington made the list of states where they will test their new menu!  This news is probably exciting for a good number of my friends who drool over Taco Bell, but for me I’m just not sold.  Even though, “Taco Bell enters crowded breakfast arena,” from the Associated Press, applauds the fast-food chain for teaming up with popular brands, I wonder about the healthiness of items like the Cinnabon Delight (fried dough balls with an icing filling) (  All of this breakfast talk jump-started me thinking, not only about the nutritional ramifications, but also why Taco Bell is serving breakfast in the first place?  “Right now we're not getting our fair share of that," said Brian Niccol, Taco Bell's chief marketing and innovation officer.  The ‘fair share’ mentioned is of a growing fast-food breakfast industry.  For more information about Taco Bell’s news-worthy changes, please visit the news clip below featured on Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy I understand convenience is vital to the fast-paced lifestyle of the ‘average’ American but how can a Cinnabon Delight from Taco Bell satisfy my nutritional needs in the morning?  There are healthier options on their menu but I’m not convinced it can compare to a healthy breakfast at home. I’ve attached a link to an article from the website, with recipes for a healthier breakfast made at home (  If you try any of these recipes, or the new Taco Bell breakfast, leave me a comment describing your experience.  The peanut butter waffle looks yummy to me!  


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